Ummm okay so!?

Is it really that weird that i take pictures of my self posing in front of a mirror?? I guess i never really thought of it as a weird thing, but some people recently have told me that its kind of conceited of me... I dont think i am full of my self, i really wish i could model sometimes but i really dont have what it takes, and my parents where never ever down with that. I think i was always suppose to be a model though, did you know when i was younger my mom was asked to put me in huggies commercials? Of course my mom said hellz to the nizzal, and kept her walk on. Sucks for me i guess. I look at my photographs as more of an art than a picture of myself. Its a moment of high concentration where i am capturing the very moment i am becoming this captured art. Isnt that interesting rather than conceited? Who knows... but honestly im really not that full of myself, hence my insecurities. BLAH screw you people who dont understand art!


  1. who said this? ima slice em. they just mad they DONT have a rebel or D60 ahaha because i stay taking pics too.

  2. LOL we should slice them at the same time, one from the front and then you can come slice them suprise attack from the back, and then we can laugh an evil laugh and take pictures LOL :)