My 1 hour jog

Okay so, since the wonderful Mina-Lo has been jogging her 3miles, i decided why dont i have a stab at jogging AND OMG YOU GUYS, my endurance has gone from Zer0 to 60... I pretty much jogged at a constant 5.0 speed on the tread for a good 20 min until my legs where going every which ways. That might sound like its not that good but for someone who couldnt even jog for one minute straight, im climbing the ropes! Seriously though Im really proud of myself even if no body else gives a shit! F*you im bout to be Sex-IE lol. I do need to cool it for a day though, my left knee is giving me some pain, sharp pain right underneth my patel-a, ella ella ella :)

I did a little bit of weight training today, i guess you could say today was my SUPER work out day, but non the least the last 4 days for me have been SUPER work out days.

I was really really really happy for my self yesteday i did the whole Legs and Back X video, with out any extra breaks than what Tony gave us. GAAAA THANK YOU TONY HORTON!!!! lol

Like Tony says, I hate it but I LOVE IT!

xoxo my pretties :)
maybe if i get most of my Acct. stuff done ill take some AMAZING pictures dont qoute me to that though, if not tomorrow should be a good day for lots of pictures, my BFF prune is back, and i cant wait to see her! WELCOME HOME POOTSKA!!!


  1. That is great that you were so strong on the treadmill :) I know the feeling. Its wonderful isn't it?

    However, just a tip from somebody that has done it before, please be careful with your knee. I used to run a lot, but not anymore for a reason :) I am not saying this to be mean, but its just a friendly suggestion :) You know what I mean. So, yea, do weights, cross train :) whatever makes you happy. But be careful with the knee :)
    Kudos to you though!! YAY!!

  2. OUR bff "prune" haha cant lie she was yours first ;) thanks for the shoutie, i havnt lost any weight yet but if i keep going at least 5 times a week im destined for greatness