Strict to another level

If you have Indian friends or you are Indian you know exactly what road I'm heading down. When I was in high school and still even now my parents are strict. Not nearly as strict as some other peoples parents but, they can pretty much be classified in the same group. Growing up in my parents house our (mine and my sisters') curfew was 7 o'clock, well, dinner time. After dinner there was no going out. I don't know why but i always found it in my self to want to break every rule i could. Like i started cursing around my parents long before i even can remember. Not because i disrespect my parents i mean i don't curse AT them but i do curse around them. I just knew they had no control over what was coming out of my mouth. I think i have a compulsive disorder to just be bad and be out of rhythm from everyone else around me. It drives me insane to be grouped with other people. I scream for originality. But for real, i used to sneak out of the window like at 12 in the morning and go party or just hang out. I used to skip school, write my own excused absent sheets, I had boyfriends that my mom knew of. (OMG haha) I was so bad, but not even. I was just living it i guess. I love my parents to death. When i think about it, they really aren't that bad, i mean they never really yelled at me till i dyed my hair blond. Now I'm just a beautiful disaster. Deep down inside i just wanted them to accept me, to this day i still try my best to be acknowledged by them in a positive way... i wonder if my efforts will always fail.
(picture is deff coming for this one)
ps. i have a vision :)

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