Sunday Night Boogie Woogie

So some of my favorite people in the whole world came to visit me Sunday night. Even though i was EXHAUSTED I had a WONDERFUL time with them. We Drank, We laughed, Jon even dropped the L-bomb... it was a good night! We stayed up till 5am, and got up Monday morning at 10ish. We went to IHOP after that and ate some YUMMY food. Jon had someones convertible so me and the girls where chillen with the sun beaming warm on our skins, wind in our hair. I loved it, it totally brought me back to high school when i didnt care about anything. It was such a carefree day, with good friends, and no worries. AHHHH loved it wish summer brings more of

these days!


  1. Sofa King mad i wasnt there.

  2. should been girl!! next time tho most deff dont miss it! :)