Make em', break em', then take em'

creativity needs a spark,
just tryna' set my mark...
High high as the sky can take me
in my mind i can be who ever i wanna be
A bird or a fly soaring gracefully threw the skys
I can be that crack head on the corner street
tryna' get my hustle working to my own beat
I can be that girl with a joint in my mouth
bubble head praising myself on how good i can work down south
I can be the quarter back of an all star foot ball team
boasting my ego every time the crowd screams
I can be that hoe fucking on porno tapes
having no shame in unavailing my drapes.
Or how about the miss know it all
Straight A's, reading in the library during study hall
I could be a chicken cooped up in my coop
so cluttered my legs are too large for me to move
I could be that fat ass sitting on a couch all day
licking the crumbs off my fingers after they been in the cookie tray
Or lemme be that skinny bitch
eating until i puke like a ugly leech
I could be that all time fake chick
fake nails, fake hair, fake eyes, fake tits
I could be that girl who doesn't even who i am
a follower never a leader is the way i glam

how should i end this?

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