I hate the way i have an arch on the top of my nose, is that weird that i would consider asking a doctor to break my nose for one that's straight. One day when i was in 3rd grade an ass hole pointed to me while brushing his finger down his nose making a lump at the top saying "Ah-Allegra" Is that why it bothers me so much?

I hate how my tooth sticks out, its so un attractive in pictures, for a long time when i was young and in school people used to pick on me because of that, is that why i hate it?

I feel like my hair is too short and my eyes are too small, i feel like my cheek bones aren't visible enough and my face is too round. I feel like i have man hands, and my shoulders are to broad, my arms are too fat and my boobs are too small. My belly button looks like a cats nose and i have no hips, im square in the waist and i am too stocky for my height. My knees look like a horrific case of elephantitis and if only i had ankles and not kankles. My feet are too big too fat, too flat. This is what i see when i look in a mirror, when i read it to myself, i feel sick to my stomach, am i really this sick in the head? I need to take it easy, take it easy...

I wish i was strong enough to convince myself that all these things just make me... ME... but somewhere in my messed up head, there is an imbalance that screams out my insecurities. I have to be stronger than my own "Jet-eye mind tricks"

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