okay so...

so a lot has happened since the last time I blogged, crazy because it's only been two weeks past since but for a quick synopsis of what's happened:
1. Me and zain went snowboarding and skiing
2. I decided I'll graduate with the minimums and get outta here
3. I am keeping up with my work outs
4. Timir's getting married (o_o) totally took me by surprise!
5. I finally got the balls to get outta bed and meet my adviser
6. My life plan is coming together beautifully
7. Me and zain went to bells island with Sarah and Ryan
8. I got really good vitamins from the vitamin shoppe
9. I got black touch up paint for my car finally...
10. I was called all the way home for one day to deliver mangoes wtf
11. I finished playing drakes adventures, and assassins creed
12.I bought a wii
13. Aden raj got to stream live on web cam to Poland and Detroit
14. I finally decided I may as well come 110% clean with my mom and dad about zain because he is the person that I want to be with for the rest of my life (^_^)
15. I am learning Japanese on www.mangabullet.com all on my own and I'm pumped about it lol
16. Me and zain have been having good days together lately, but he punched me in my sleep (it was an accident) :)
17. I got a 87.7 in my intersession marketing class
18. I finally gave up my blackberry and all the pictures and contacts up to my dad :/
19. (-3*) im only taking 12 credit hours, so i have no excuse but to do good, and she said i can graduate next year spring 2011, not bad im just a year off. but im going to email her and ask her if i HAVE to do a major like she was talking about or if i could just do a business foundation and call it fucking day.
20. I am reading a new manga well 3 new mangas.

yep when I think about it it's been a pretty productive last two weeks. All righty then, i think i might go to the new vcu gym today to check it out, i haven't decided yet but we will see. I'm super hungry and yeah.

My classes are as followed
Monday - 9:00-9:50am
Tuesday- 9:30- 10:45am, 5:30- 6:45pm
Wednesday - 9:00- 9:50am
Thursday- 9:30-10:45am, 5:30- 6:45pm, 7:00- 9:40pm
Friday- 9:00- 9:50am

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