The new Gym and working out

Me and Zain finally got the chance to go to the new gym today. I must say i am pretty impressed. They have like 4 pools and plenty of machines, indoor everything you could think of, and an indoor rock climbing thing. I went for a little but and i think i am pretty proud to say that i am slowly but surly meeting my goals :)

Other then that classes have been good, pretty laid back so far. I figure if i can stay focused in class and do my homework the same day that i get it while everything is fresh in my head i should do fine this semester. After my adviser pretty much called me incapable of being smart enough im convinced to show her that isnt the case. I really just am not motivated. But i think i have decided to just look at it as an accomplishment more than anything. Its not really a complete waste, this is just something that i can do, and then get out of and say yeah i did college. So i guess thats where i am with all this right now and i think i am good with that. content really.

Lately my hip has been really hurting but i guess its okay. Zain says i just need to stretch but i think im convinced that since my legs arent the same length or whatever i was suppose to get corrected when i was younger is coming back to haunt me. I cant believe im stuck at school today till 10pm.

Alright well over and out i need to find something that will occupy me for the next hour since my next class is at 5:30.

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