I cant seem to get over this song...

Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Just as school today trying to finish up my project so that i can turn it in. Its extra credit but i might as well do it. I need the good grades this semester. I really need to study harder, even though i feel like that's all i really do. I plan to find a job over break. I hope its favorable. I went to the gym today for about an hour today. I feel okay about it. I really want to be in better shape, i hope that results are around the corner for me.

I probably look like I've made this computer into my personal work station (lamo)
Seriously i have my phone plugged in charging and my head phones in my ears. Water bottle in reach, I am here.

I wish blogger would step up their editing tools, its ridiculous how mediocre it is. I tried to switch over to LiveJournal but i couldnt figure that one out, plus im so far into blogger it would be detrimental what I've started.

Id like to add that i probably smell horrible, but i dont give a SHI___IAT

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