Sunny Friday, 26th of March... It was the first day i got to meet her.
She was the most playful of the bunch, ready to say hello and play, I knew that she was the one.
I anticipated every moment till the moment that i arrived that sunny day in NC. In hopes to find a life long friend and new member to my lovely growing family. I knew the moment i felt her that she was the one.

She is the cutest pup that i have ever seen. She is gorgeous down to her itty bitty toes. All white with the slightest hints of orange, glass blue eyes and a black racing strip down her back. When she looked me in the eyes i knew that she was the one.

Clumsy paws, long strong legs, wiggly little tail, and build of a true working dog, she is the strongest little pup I've ever seen. Quick to learn right from wrong, when i held her in my arms with out a doubt she was the one.

She came to me, she came to me with out the slightest idea what a leash was or how to walk on it. The first few steps she made with my lead i knew that she'd be my best friend for life.

I know that you don't know it yet Ferrah, but i love you like you are my baby... and ill never do anything to harm you baby :) I cant wait to see you succeed and be the best dog that you can be!! Mama is cheering for you and encouraging you to do your best. Ill guide you and stay patient.. i know that we will butt head but hell, I know that your the one... Ive known since the moment i met you that you are going to be My first dog :)

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