Delightful!! :)

So congratulations to my Sister and George finally getting married!! Since people are now aware of this i can finally blog about!! :)

My Sister and George finally tied the knot and i am so glad that they did!! cough cough* since they have been married since cough* February* my sister is proudly having a baby boy come January of 2010.

Over all my parents took it well, my mother actually took it much much better than my father, but i already knew that was going to be the case. I still don't really know how my father feels about George but i know that my dad tries his best to be open to the idea. I'm really really happy for my sister, and i really think that George is a good fit for her. After the got married nothing really felt different, but i think that's because i already accepted George as my Gee-jaa a long time ago.

More importantly then everything else i can hardly wait to till rugrat 1/2 Dee and 1/2 Gee pops out! :)

Summer is going to be a crazy time, i really cant believe i am an auntie. Now i have to make sure i finish up school asap, get a good job get married and start popping out some of my own, because we don't want a big age gap between cousins.

Hmmm i am so happy for them!!

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