Birthday Kudos to the Raja

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Okay so i have pictures and videos to post from our dinner at Nawab. The food was delicious, it was also really really nice to have George with us at dads dinner, more people = bigger party and i am always game to have more loved ones around :)

Okay so Dee, George and I spent the whole day together, we first went to best buy, and other places to go see if they had any good camcorders but all failed, then we finally went to walmart and i found a nice Sony HD camcorder. And of course i got it! :)

After that we where suppose to meet mom and dad for dinner sometime later in the noon, 7, but mom called and pushed the time up, so we headed out early. On the way over we decided it would be nice to get a "log" cake from BaskinRobins, so we decided to call them and ask if they had any. The stupid girl working their didnt even know what the hell a "log" was so we ended up just having to go there. After we get there, they dont even have a variety of cakes, so we pick the only butter pecan (dads fav) that they have and call it a day, later on a the restaurant we find out that it is just plain cookies and cream or vanilla or something, thats deff the last time we are getting B&R's ever!

Lmao Prune i have a video for you via Sony HD from momz! :

Oh and then my parents end up convincing me to go to the temple and i agree because it is dads bday, and i spend the rest of my evening painting flower cut outs, and getting a crucial back ache, and that concluded my dads bday. Oh and my dad let me drive his car, and i figured out a new route to get the mundir via downtown.

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  1. i wanna see lol about time you started writing i kept checking like everyday gosh!!!!!!