No F*ing Way!!

WE ARE GOING TO THE AQUARIUM ON A TUESDAY!! I don't know if you guys have seen those commercials with the little girl with her daddy at the aquarium, but when ever it comes on i always turn to Zain and say "When was the last time you took your daughter to the aquarium on a Tuesday?" Of course i say it in my cute voice, and believe it or not it FUCKING worked! haha Zain took me to the Aquarium, on a TUESDAY! :) and it was awesome!

Seriously over all i had a wonderful time looking at all the fish and running around taking pictures of EVERYTHING. For a Tuesday though, there where A LOT of little kids there, not exactly my forte when i am trying to take pictures to have some little girl screaming in my ear "WHAT IS THAT?" My inside voice wanted to come out and say "go ask your moms." I didn't say that of course i just quickly took my pictures, and moved on. I did a good job not getting annoyed. When i was looking at the baby sea turtles i almost stampeded this little boy. I swear i could never have a little dog, poor thing would get stepped on ALL the time. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center gets an over all 3 stars. Most of the exhibits where under construction, and they only had 3 huge water exhibits, for $12 a person, i wasn't impressed. To my surprise Zain did donate $2 to their wild life association fund, that made me secretly smile. They did have a variety of animals though, and i guess in a way now that i think about its a good thing they had variety but not too much of each. I would much rather those beautiful animals be out in the wild than be in those glass prisons looking back at me. Some of the animals that where really cool would have to be... lol i have pictures ill just post those! Next time i go to the aquarium i really want to go to the one in Pittsburgh or the one in North Carolina. If you wanna go, come on! Lets make it happen! :)

One thing that really bothered me where people who where taking pictures of the fish and crestations with a flash. Seriously... lets be nice to the sea creatures, turn your flash off please!


  1. the middle pic reallllllllly bothers me, i promise im not a pervert.

  2. LOL haha thats so funny you made me laugh

  3. Sounds like you had a blast. I haven't been to an aquarium in ages. It's hard taking pictures through glass, you did an amazing job!