Its been forever since i have been actively blogging, and honestly it feels awkward getting back into a habit...

The GROOVE of things, does that mean in between the spaces of things?... groove taken quite literally? or groove like dancing... or... (-_-')

Anyways, urg... Ive been pretty sick for the past week, i swore that wasn't going to be me this year and i was hanging strong too but i guess no matter how thick i build my bubble its inevitable...

So the reason that I wasn't blogging you ask!? Well i didn't feel a need to blog, because all the people who check my blog, i was physically with and i figured i didn't need to update them on things that they where there to witness... lame yeah i know but whatever... i kinda reevaluated my blog and its about to be even more awesome then before!

So the things you missed while i wasn't blogging:
  1. Me and my favorite people went to vacation in Pittsburgh
  2. I finally met Icky
  3. Zain got a motorcycle
  4. I was re-introduced to my childhood - STREETS OF RAGE HELL YEAH
  5. I went to Maryland - club love with Prune, Mina-lo and Laura
  6. I'm an expecting aunt
  7. Cut my hair >and its super normal
  8. My sister and George got married :)
  9. I went to Garba this year with Zain
  10. Moved into my new HOUSE
  11. I went to IKEA for the first time in my life


  1. i like it..
    garba and Pittsburgh was so much fun
    i love the new hair-cut
    it was alot of fun and it fast helping you move in..
    i hope u feel better try to get the flu shot after to feel better <3

  2. woop woop i did everyone one of those things with you well pretty much i missed the ikea trip :( and the motorcycle part but ive seen it hehe feel better love MUAH

  3. lol you guys have no idea (CHEESING) you really made my day sooooooo happy